Tips to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam

The length of the TOEFL should be considered before you begin studying for its four sections. The test is almost four hours long, making it both a language and an endurance test. There's a lot to cover, so there's little danger that you'll become bored, but you also need to avoid becoming tired and making mistakes that you don't need to. Here are below we provide the best tips on how to prepare for TOEFL exam.

Familiarise Yourself With The Requirements

It's crucial to get as familiar as possible with the criteria of the Reading portion in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises on test day. You will be expected to read and comprehend books that cover a variety of concepts or topics. Following that, you will be required to evaluate cause and effect and compare and contrast ideas.

Read Frequently

As simple as it may seem, reading a lot is one of the finest strategies to get ready for the Reading portion. Spend some time each day actively reading materials that are comparable to the ones you may encounter on test day. These consist of books, short tales, and news pieces. Additionally, make an effort to mix up the themes and subjects you read about. Instead of just reading about the subjects you are already interested in, explore other areas of interest like news, current affairs, science, history, economics, art, business, astronomy, etc. You will soon notice improvements in how quickly and efficiently you can process English-language texts if you read a little bit every day.

Ask Yourself Questions and Summarize

Every few pages, pause and ask yourself what you just read, what the major point was, what the conflict was, and so forth. In order to recheck for answers, read the paragraphs once more. Write a summary of what you've read after you've finished. You can either write or speak your summary, which will help you simultaneously practise for the writing and speaking sections.

Take Notes

Since you will only hear the recordings once, taking notes while you listen will help you remember specifics. When taking notes while paying close attention, don't write down entire sentences; instead, highlight the key points and include as many details as you can to support them. Make a note of any topic changes or detours as well.

Practice Speaking

Your pronunciation and speaking fluency will both improve as your listening abilities increase. Discuss the narrative in English with a friend or a mirror after listening to a tape or watching a video. Practice a word you are having problems with until you get it right. Once you feel comfortable, repeatedly use the same English term or phrase. For help with pronunciation, consult the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Additionally, you can utilise the many online dictionaries for English that feature a button to hear the word spoken.

Practice Timed Writing

While writing a brief essay is required for both portions of the Writing exam, the second job may be more difficult than the first because there are no materials provided for you to utilise in your response. For this reason, we suggest that you work on the second task for a longer period of time. When you practise writing about a certain subject, time yourself. Decide on a topic first, and then set a 20 or 25-minute timer. Write for 15 to 20 minutes, then set aside 5 minutes for editing.
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